Dad requests ‘pot of tea’ at McDonalds


Your dad has only swanned up to the counter at McDonalds and asked if they ‘do a pot of tea?’, it has emerged.

69 year old Your Dad made the bizarre request on the way back from Tenerife after a 40 minute exercise to try and remember everyone’s orders – causing the counter assistant to stare at him like she was trying to focus on one of those magic-eye pictures or divide 13 by 24.

‘He then went on to describe a ‘beef burger’ that he would like that is not featured on any menu yet designed or in films’, you recounted to someone afterwards. ‘I mean why would you want mayo ONLY on the bottom bit of the bun and no tomato sauce but extra tomato and the gherkin placed next to but not in the f*cking thing?’ you mused rhetorically.

‘Then he asked if there was any milk in the milkshakes at which point she quite understandably called her manager and then security’ you added.  ‘I’m not bailing him – it’s his own fault.’


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