Professor Hawking mostly remembered for internet memes


The death of Steven Hawking has seen an outpouring of tributes from across the world as fans, journalists and celebrities fondly exchanged their favourite online nuggets of wisdom and life hacks from the professor, and not his various theories concerning the origins of the universe or quantum field theory.

The internationally renowned physicist, who also became a bestselling author in spite of debilitating illness, was the first mathematician to discover that we should look up to the stars, and that, like the universe, human dreams are infinite. However, despite numerous experiments from the 1980’s onward, he was unable to disprove that black holes suck the life out of dinner party conversation.

Hawking was also well known for his various forays into the world of comedy and entertainment, and was credited for making it possible for ordinary people to enjoy David Walliams. He later demonstrated to within four decimal points that the one thing everyone everyone loves is a cheeky boffin, and was credited with developing the Ramp theory, which made joking about disabilities accessible.

However, he never completed his long-term goal of formulating the fabled ‘everything meme’ – a supermeme which unified all human wisdom within a 15 word slogan, though friends of the professor say he predicted it would in some way feature a picture of a sunset.

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