Man with Pavlovian response eats meringue


Paul Rodrigo, 27, was discovered face down in a cream and meringue crater, after what friends referred to as a sudden involuntary ‘reflex’, after seeing a strawberry-themed pudding. Psychologists often refer to this kind of classical conditioning as Mary Berry’s Hierarchy of Cake – where pudding is placed ahead of other basic needs, such as ‘something savoury’ or a nice cup of tea.

Doctors confirmed that Mr. Rodrigo would often salivate when in the presence crème fraiche, flavoured with a splash of fruity liqueur. While by contrast other patients, when shown a Pavlova, would feel an overwhelming desire to ring a bell.

In the late 1800’s scientist, Ivan Pavlov, identified in people an uncontrollable urge to eat cake – often after having had a few pints. Through a series of experiments, Pavlov would leave meringue treats around his house, only to return, to find the pudding gone and his dog sh$tting out macerated strawberries.

Mr. Rodrigo is set to undergo treatment to be weaned off Pavolovas, through use of electric shock therapy and a Damson Plum Clafoutis. Some psychologists suggest that such pudding consumption is a result of repressed desires – clinically referred to as ‘getting your just desserts’.


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