Frank Skinner forgets to mention he no longer drinks


Comedian and TV presenter Frank Skinner thinks he may have forgotten to mention he no longer drinks.  Skinner who ordered a multipack of Epson ink cartridges from Amazon thinks he may have failed to notify the online retailers that he has been teetotal for over 20 years.

Skinner has since written to the retail giant confirming that he gave up drinking alcohol several years ago as it conflicted with his strict religious beliefs.

‘Oh…didn’t I mention that I’m Catholic either’ asked Skinner ‘surely….never mind…..maybe I could take out a full page advertisement in the papers.  These things are important.  People need to know….people care’.

‘I did mention I support West Bromwich Albion….I did, didn’t I.  Teetotal – Catholic – The Albion…that covers it’.

‘That’s basically my act these days’.

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