Cab Driver Opens Car Door for Elderly Passenger


‘It wasn’t an attempt to kill the lady,’ said the driver, who arrived at Ms Lamb’s house at 10am this morning so as to take her 200 yards for a 9.45am appointment with her podiatrist. ‘It’s just that I saw lots of neighbours helping the old dear from her front door towards the kerb and so I thought I’d have plenty of time for a cigarette break.’

He went on to explain: ‘The old girl looked pretty-well past it if you ask me and I reckoned she might piss on the upholstery, so I went to cover the seat with yesterday’s Daily Mail’.

‘I was opening the passenger door and that’s when she climbed in’.

‘Technically, I could be struck off by the cab company for leaving the car unattended and with the key still in the ignition switch, so don’t tell anyone, OK?’


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Posted: Mar 22nd, 2018 by

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