‘The Shape of Mogg’ – Jacob reveals secret love for Fish-Man


Victorian politician Jacob-Rees Mogg has revealed he’s in a secret love affair with a strange sea-creature – known as a ‘British Trawlerman –  who has been persecuted by shadowy government forces.  The unlikely union between the gruff, scaly, smelly creature that was captured and imprisoned by the EU years ago, and the sophisticated man-about-olde-London-towne was revealed yesterday when Rees-Mogg brought the repulsive creature to the House of Commons.

Fellow MPs were shocked at the sight of slippery, slimy fish-out-of-water and his weird sea creature lover holding hands and fins, and cavorting around the parliamentary precinct.  Rees-Mogg said he didn’t care what it looked like to others and that he was going to elope with the fish-man back to the 18th century where only one of them would be stared and pointed at as a freak of nature.

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