Advertisers demand Facebook explain why it got caught


The world’s leading advertising agencies are concerned that Facebook has exploited the public and been found out. ‘This is a serious breach of protocol,’ said Cynthia Green of advertising trade body ABABA. ‘We trusted Facebook to make everyone think their personal data was safe. Now everyone knows they didn’t give a toss.’

‘Everyone knows deep down that we lie to them and treat them with contempt. As long as it’s not too in your face, they let us know about every detail of their lives in exchange for the brief thrill they get from getting a personalised special offer deal on a flat screen TV. But this scandal could get them thinking, and that’s never good.’

Green went on to outline the measures advertisers were contemplating, ranging from only accepting Facebook users’ data if routed through untraceable companies in the Cayman Islands and working with ‘more respectable media and consumer engagement intermediaries’ such as PornTube and the CIA.

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