Barbra Streisand supported by Barbra Streisand wows on opening night


Famous for her glittering musical and acting career and cloning her dog, Barbra Streisand, has decided to embark on an exhausting world tour utilising the same technology that provided lasting legacies of her beloved but now deceased pet dog.

In the knowledge that her newly cloned pets may outlive her and suffering from debilitating stage fright, Barbra has decided to clone herself and go on tour.  Funny Girl Barbra remarked, ‘it makes perfect sense. The dogs will have a new me to take care of them if I’m outlived and I can tour without actually performing.

Currently five Barbras are set to tour the continents each with a spare ready in case of meltdowns. Barbra kick-started the North American tour in Las Vegas with the surprise support act of Barbra Streisand.  When asked about the surprise performance, Barbra replied, ‘I only did the opening night to lend me the credible authenticity I don’t need.

‘Obviously that wasn’t the real me up there, although she looked and sang exactly like me and she may have had regenerative vigour and a compelling competitive desire to justify her existence by out-performing me, but she’s wasn’t the real, real me, just real enough to justify the ticket price.

And would she consider recording a duet with herself? Barbra responded, ‘Hell no! That would be weird!’

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