Government admits to having a secret stash of Extra Police Officers


It has been revealed that Home Secretary Amber Rudd has access to an undefined number of additional policemen and women, available to be deployed as and when required. It is understood that these officers are employed to sit around doing nothing until a law and order crisis develops that causes the Government to announce that there will be Extra Police Officers On The Street.

In order to perform to the required standards, these extra police officers cannot be from the same forces that are already stretched due to dwindling numbers, hence the secret stockpile. Nor can they be under the control of Police and Crime Commissioners because that might make some people think PCCs actually do something.

It is claimed that these Extra Police Officers On The Streets may be the same set of police staff that are deployed to perform breathalyser tests during the month of December before disappearing into the shadows again as soon as the New Years Eve celebrations are over.

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