Hungarian Government challenges George Ezra to leave his house in Budapest

George Ezra

Newly elected for a third consecutive term, Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, has challenged George Evra to leave it all: his house in Budapest; his beautiful Castillo; and his many artefacts. (The list goes on).

A court order, issued today, also directs the solo artist to reveal the whereabouts of his hidden treasure chest.

Orban`s Fidesz party, recently dismissed accusations of right-wing, nationalist electioneering, and Islamophobia, on the basis that, ‘some of our best friends have phobias’.

Similarly, the party emphatically denies any anti-migrant agenda towards the musician who, they claim, ‘would be happy to lose it all’. As a goodwill gesture they are also prepared to allow Ezra to retain his golden grand piano. Citing the instrument as tainted by flawed and erroneous symbolism, contrary to Hungarian tradition.

A Party delegate stated: ‘Ebony and Ivory was never a good mix. Despite what Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney claim’.

Currently, Ezra has maintained a stoic refusal to relinquish any of his assets, neglecting to remain completely faithful to the sentiment of his lyrics. Issuing a statement, via his lawyer, he said: ‘Give me one good reason why I should make a change’.


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