BMWs to come with disabled parking sticker pre-installed


BMW has announced that as BMW drivers are going to park in disabled parking spaces anyway, they’re going to simplify the system by pre-printing a disabled parking badge into the windscreen. A spokesman explained that ‘Some parking enforcement officers are still giving tickets to drivers in disabled spaces even though the BMW logo is clearly visible. To make things even clearer, we’re adding the pre-printed badge.’

Other new innovations include ‘arrogant cruise control’ that will now allow Sales Reps to automatically cut in from the outside lane at the last minute when approaching motorway lane closures and road layouts where two lanes merge into one.

The new 7 series features the much anticipated automatic “park across two spaces” feature. ‘This is really excellent!’, enthused 7 series owner, Sales Director Gavin Snorker, ‘when I’m in town from the country place, I can let the car do the parking and it’s spot on – exactly over the line between spaces, I have to admit I struggle to get that manually.’


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