I was coming out of the junction anyway, confirms Audi driver

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An Audi driver who you helpfully flashed to come out of a busy junction onto a main road in front of you in rush hour traffic this morning, was going to come out anyway, it has been confirmed.

The rapid double flash of your headlights, autopilot-like deceleration and changing down of gears that you always do at that particular junction, as you want to let at least one fellow commuter out if you can, was neither necessary or welcomed, the arrogant middle-manager (sales) has indicated through his lack of a wave at you, and the absence of any camaraderie-building quick left-right-left on his indicators.

‘In fact, I’d already started to emerge from the junction well before you flashed, and would have done so even if you’d been going twice the speed, as my time is more important than yours.’, confirmed the driver by accelerating gratuitously hard to get up to the 15 mile an hour speed of other drivers of the main road and then studiously ignoring any eye-contact with you in his mirror for the rest of your journey.

The Audi driver has confirmed that he will see you in your local petrol station on Sunday evening as usual, when he will be just in front of you, but will refuse to move up to the forward-most petrol pump of 2, to allow you to simultaneously use the one behind.

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