Rudd denies knowing night follows day


Home Secretary Amber Rudd claims she had no idea that the hours of darkness – the hours that last from early evening to early morning (known as night) would be followed later by much brighter, more agreeable conditions that last from early morning to early evening (known as day).

Rudd acknowledged there had been a memo sent to her office detailing the various changes that take place during an average 24-hour cycle, but she had not been aware of it. A secret internal document leaked to the Guardian says that the department knew about the change in day/night conditions but failed to do anything about it.

Rudd responded to criticism, saying that many documents are sent to her office throughout the course of a working week but admitted she did not always read them all. The Home Office say they do not set specific 12-hour targets for the removal of night-time by day-time and changes could be more regional than national and are often subject to seasonal change. While there was a window in her office, Mrs Rudd denied ever looking out of it and even if she did, she would ‘not of understood’ what she was looking at.

‘To be fair, we already knew that Rudd didn’t know night followed day…we were just waiting for her to deny it,’ said an Opposition spokesperson. ‘We’re supposed to believe she’s confused about night and day, but has no such problem distinguishing between black and white?  Frankly, she’s just talking out of her elbow.  And that’s something else she doesn’t know the difference between’.

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