White criminal annoyed about only ever representing himself


Christopher Miller, 28, from Birmingham, Alabama, has complained about only ever representing himself no matter what crime he commits. ‘It ain’t fair,’ he said. ‘Y’all got these Ay-rabs and African-Americans, and whatever they do too, people associate all them with any crime one of them commit. But me, I just represent myself, and nobody judges every person who shares my ethnicity based on my crimes and activities.’

Christopher lamented that when he raped and murdered his neighbour, Charlotte Cummings, none of his non-white neighbours feared that all white people are rapists and murderers. ‘Not one of my Latino or African-American neighbours began racially discriminating against white people because of what I’d done. It’s like they realise that the actions of a single asshole do not represent a whole ethnicity. And that simply ain’t fair. It’s reverse racism, I tell ya.’


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Posted: Apr 29th, 2018 by

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