Boris Johnson resigns over ‘unintentional transparency’


Boris Johnson has today tendered his resignation over accusations that he told the truth, clearly and without obfuscation.

Mr Johnson has been under increasing pressure since inadvertently telling the unfiltered truth during the NATO summit earlier this month.  In his resignation letter he admits to ‘a moment of political naivety, during which I momentarily lost sight of the noble goals of the office of Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs; first among which is to ensure that nobody understands Britain’s positions or motives.  The statistics I used were both accurate and unbiased giving a clear and realistic presentation of the facts.  I should have been aware of this and I take full responsibility for the fact that I was not.’

In response to Johnson’s resignation, a spokeswoman for Prime Minister May stated that: ‘whilst every effort has been made to obscure this minor element of truth, the fact is that this sort of honesty has made Britain look out of touch with modern international diplomacy.  Nobody has worked harder to try to reinstate Britain’s Imperial Era image than Boris, and for that I thank him, but I can understand why he feels the need to take responsibility.’

Boris is said to be hoping to spend more time at home with his wife and the wives of others.  However, some see Johnson’s resignation as the beginning of another tilt at the leadership.  One Conservative colleague admitted his surprise: ‘Boris normally knows the difference between truth and lies –  and which bus to put them on’.



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