Internet to become literate by 2023

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Incredible new developments in the world of computing suggest that it might actually be possible to spell things correctly and feature real punctuation later this century. Just as Waterstones bookstore loses an apostrophe, citing the need for ‘a more versatile and practical spelling in the digital world of URLs and email addresses’, computer scientists have announced that the holy grail of allowing actual punctuation and spaces in URLs and email addresses might yet be within mankind’s reach. It turns out the only reason why these characters were initially disallowed is because early Internet programmers did not recognise the need for them, not having read a proper book, ever.

The change will mean the end of confusion over the meaning of URLS such as Soon you will simply be able to type The Rapist Online stationery supplier is bracing itself for a 99% reduction in its hit count, while staff at Italian electricity supplier will finally be less embarrassed by their company email addresses.  Google will, for the first time, be known under the more appropriate name, Go Ogle.

Bloggers were quick to react to the news.  ‘Internet to be litterate??? WTF Wot is problm anywhay?’ said LimeWireJunkie27, (not his real name).  ‘They shud stop changng intrface on Twitter, coz new 1 is stupd.’  Twitter users also welcomed the new development ‘Perhaps the computer scientists will allow us to use more than 140 characters for one individual Tweet?  Because at the moment I find that ‘


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