‘It’s brand new… it’s Brexitroo’ – delivered daily directly to your door


With the plethora of home delivery meal service companies in the current market place, Brexitroo set is to send out ‘Brexit Update Information Boxes’ on an hourly basis.

A spokesman for Brexitroo said: ‘This is an exciting development. We’re planning to deliver lots of one-sided totally misleading tripe by Daily Mail staff writers etc. in which we’re targeting Snowflakes, Muslims and all foreigners in general, saying how they need to be stopped before they take our country from us.’

‘We’ll also be banging on incessantly about ‘taking back our sovereignty’ but that’s purely a smokescreen to mask our main racist agenda.’

Customers can expect that their Brexitroo boxes will be delivered by bicycle-riding Australians, Asians and Eastern Europeans all employed on zero-hours contracts – while those from the ‘Windrush’ generation can just expect their deportation orders instead.


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