Roma favourites to beat Liverpool by 5 stabbings to 2


Roma Ultras are tipped to give the Liverpool Hooligans a solid beating when the two sides face each other in the Italian Capital today.  That said, Liverpool fans plan to put up a good fight: ‘The lads have trained well all weekend, the 0-0 draw with Stoke really pissed them off, so we’ve got a lot of good, solid built-up anger.  Hopefully we’ll get off to a good start with a pub crawl around Rome, then move on towards the stadium in the second half.’


Surprisingly the Liverpool Supporters have chosen to line up in a 400-300-300 formation, while an aggressive Roma mob have indicated all-out attack with a classic 200-500-300 set-up.  It’s thought the Liverpool defence will be bigger and more pissed than the Italians, but the home team are generally thought to be faster and more violent.

‘By then I’d say the lads’ll have their shirts off and will be taunting the Roma boys.  Ok, it’s predictable, and yes, conservative tactics but we have to remember we’re playing away.  We’re planning to provoke them into an ill-disciplined charge then we’ll deploy the barstools and flying pints and hopefully come away with the win.  One way or another, someone by the end of the night will be singing  “You’ll Never Walk Again – get it?”  Eh? Eh?’

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