Families of gorgeous Bollywood couple happily accept their relationship

might even kiss, one day

Ravinder Khotra and Priti Kumar, a highly attractive and wealthy young engaged couple from Mumbai, have reported their delight and astonishment that their extended families are both entirely supportive of their relationship. The pair had feared that one or other of the families would disapprove, causing them anguish that could only be expiated in song over the course of many hours.

‘I am delighted for them,’ said Khotra’s corpulent and ridiculous but fundamentally decent father Vijay. ‘What’s not to like? Priti is stunningly beautiful and on the few dozen occasions she has accidentally got her sari wet, I could certainly see why my handsome, if somewhat headstrong, son might fall for her.’

Khotra’s irascible and controlling mother Ameera admitted that she was surprised by the speed of the engagement – the couple only met two weeks ago, while foiling a gang of jewel thieves in a high-speed motorcycle chase – and would have hoped to have had a part to play in choosing her son’s bride. However, she added, times are changing and their happiness is the main thing.

Kumar herself said she was stunned that her own highly conservative father let her make her own choice of husband. She had feared that he might be angry that she came within two metres of kissing Khotra on a mountainside on one occasion or that a long-running feud between the two families might be an obstacle. ‘Ravi’s father apparently blames my father for not doing more to help when my aunt, who was his cousin and only had a very small dowry, accidentally battered herself to death with a frying pan in the kitchen,’ she said. ‘It’s irrational but that’s how things often are with some people.’

Following consultations with astrologers, the wedding has been scheduled for early April and both the couple and their families are hoping that there will be no comical slip-ups between now and then to derail their plans. ‘But if there are, that’s fate,’ said Kumar. ‘In which case I’ll just have to spend four hours singing out of tune in various exotic locations I’ve never been to in my life.’

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