Syrians cancel holiday to Iran


Hardworking and shell-shocked Syrians, who were hoping for a well-earned break from chemical weapons, can no longer rely on Iran as a bomb-free destination. Holiday firms are advising customers, that the only people visiting Tehran this year will be the 35th Infantry Division from Fort Leavenworth.

With President Trump withdrawing from the international nuclear agreement, Iranians can expect to experience US diplomacy in the style of missiles, drones and re-runs of ‘I love Lucy’. If tourists are planning to visit Iran, they should do so in the next few weeks ‘while it still exists’.

The Rough Guide to the Middle East says there are few regions now unspoilt by bunkers, but there are plenty of camping locations, ‘provided you like the Red Crescent’. Although backpackers are advised not to provoke Israeli snipers, by dressing as unarmed Palestinians.

Meantime Syrians are left with very few destinations unaffected by the wars in the Middle East – other than the UN Security Council. Said one commenting on the President’s track record of reneging on agreements: ‘It seems that Mr. Trump wants to pull out of Paris, Iran but not Stormy Daniels’.

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