Young people cotton on to social con trick


The social con trick, whereby healthy young people with juniors’ salaries, no savings, huge mortgages (if they’re lucky) and the expense of raising families are expected to pay for the care and extensive, on-going medical treatment of the older generation, with typically more substantial, secure, index-linked pensions and investment income, whose children have grown up and left the fully-paid-for home, is under threat as younger taxpayers begin to cotton-on to the fact that they are being ripped off rotten.

“This isn’t good enough” said 28-stone Mrs Fatima Ollgight in a postcard from her cruise liner in the Seychelles. “Young people should know their place, keep their heads down, avoid rocking the boat and pay their taxes. My electric mobility scooter, bar bill, gourmet all-you-can-eat-at-every-meal supplement and heart-lung-kidney-stomach-and-intestines transplant don’t pay for themselves you know.”

“And why should I care about posterity? Posterity hasn’t done anything for me”.

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