North Korean Hostages ask: why did the Apprentice Host Greet Us at the Airport?


The newly released hostages from North Korean imprisonment were left baffled when a man they last knew as a reality TV figure greeted them at the airport in the guise of the US President. ‘It was kinda like the Twilight Zone’, said one hostage. ‘When I was arrested, our President was a cool looking black dude. Next thing I’m landing in Washington and a guy that looks like Donald Trump jumps out to greet us. I mean….W.T.F? Surely not. Surely?’

Another hostage said ’when I heard we were being released I thought wow, Obama’s really come through for us! I knew he would! What a legend. Then we land at Andrews Air Force Base and I think – where’s Obama? And what the hell is Donald Trump doing here? And why are all the Marines saluting him? Then it dawns on me, and I just think, is it too late to go back to North Korea? I mean sure, Kim Jong Un’s a vicious little dictator but…..the Donald?’

The 3rd Hostage said, ‘it was a surreal moment, it really was, when we all realised that America had somehow elected Donald Trump to be their President. We had no news in prison of course. It was like the ending of the ‘Planet of the Apes’ movie. I just sank to my knees and screamed “my God! What have you done!!!!”

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