Britain To Be Excluded From Channel Tunnel After Brexit

Channel Tunnel

‘The channel tunnel was a joint project between two countries which at the present time are part of the EU’ stated a representative of the Departement de Fabrication des Statements de l’EU yesterday ‘And this of course means that the tunnel is an EU project.

Naturally, if Great Britain chooses no longer to be part of the EU in future, then it is not reasonable for her to to continue to expect access to this EU tunnel.’

‘Nevertheless we are not going to be unreasonable about this. Britain will be an independent country, free to do as she chooses, and that includes what she may do with her end of the tunnel. We will only be closing off the end which is in France.’

However upon hearing the news Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, one of the prime movers instrumental in securing the Brexit win hit back. Speaking on LBC he delivered this stark ultimatum to France: ‘Hmm… yes… ah…erm… I-I-I-I-I… well… mmm…so there!’

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