Chinese TV Channel Bans School Choir Rendition Of ‘I Can Sing A Rainbow’

St Winifrids

A homophobic censorship row is brewing  as online Chinese channel, Mango TV, has now also banned St Winifred’s School Choir’s rendition of I Can Sing A Rainbow in addition to Ireland’s recent Eurovision entry.

‘Any song that pledges solidarity with the LGBT community is clearly suspect, so this and other songs like Tom Robinson’s, Sing If You’re Glad To Be Gay, are definite non-starters. Err… not that the children were planning to sing Mr Robinson’s song, of course, because they are still far too young to have decided upon their sexuality, but you can never be too careful,’ explained a spokesman for the channel.

There was further incredulity when St Winifred’s smash No.1 hit, There’s No One Quite Like Grandma, was also added to Mango’s blacklist, as no one could spot any obvious breach of China’s core values being expressed.

However, it now transpires that there is no one quite like Grandma because she actually used to be Grandad…before the gender reassignment surgery. So say Mango sources, who insist they fully researched the song’s background.

Amidst the increasing paranoia, the LGBT community is secretly waging a protest to have Mango TV banned from the Internet. Communicating via social media, and she-mail, people are invited to sign a petition. Anyone who has been affected by the impact of paranoid censorship is invited to add their name. Latest signatories include, George, Zippy, Bungle and Geoffrey.

And in an unanticipated bizarre twist, Mango TV has now reportedly banned itself due to the use of the ambiguous term, TV. From now on, they prefer to be known as Mango Television.


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