Nick Clegg, Nicky Morgan & David Miliband – Avengers Assemble!


In Britain’s hour of need a crack team of super-powered politicians have assembled to fight injustice, UKIP’s Thanos and the evils of direct voting by the electorate. Faced with imminent destruction, the UK has turned to the superhero team who brought you student fees, academization and a reason to vote for Ed Miliband.

Responding to the Bat Signal and a PPI enquiry, this triumvirate of geniuses have promised in true Hulk-style: ‘Brexit smash!’. Clegg/Morgan/Miliband or ‘Clorgand’ for short or ‘Clusterf$ck’ for shorter.

Despite Clegg, Morgan and Miliband being more commonly known to their colleagues as Bungle, George and Zippy; to the public they are inspiringly called ‘Iron Lung’, ‘The Black Spot’ and ‘Captain American Tax-haven’

In hushed tones, one MP explained: ‘Today, unwanted by any government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them ….maybe you can hire them for a children’s party?’

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