Royal Reporter fails to say ‘black culture’ without being a condescending racist

Black and white

While many have applauded the diversity and talent on display at Harry & Meghan’s wedding, journalists have struggled to find a plaudit that goes beyond ‘what a surprise’ or ‘nice tan’. Too often in the rush to say something complimentary, they reveal that their last interaction with black culture, was watching ‘Different Strokes’ in 1978.

The very fact of stating how unusual it was to see a range of skin tones in the congregation, points to a worrying disconnect – and blatantly ignored the fact the groom was a full on ‘ginga’. Said one US commentator: ‘I was very impressed by this black culture – we must get ourselves some of that’.

When asked, one aristocratic attendee remarked: ‘What a marvellous spectical! It was very edgy. Very ghetto. They had a vicar, a choir and cellist. All in blackface. It was so incredibly ‘gangsta’. So terribly ‘street’. They sung, they spoke – some had even dressed themselves. Amazing’.
Not content with ‘whitesplaining’ their way through the ceremony, the BBC highlighted how wonderful multi-culturalism is under ‘controlled conditions’. The wedding itself concluded, with the US agreeing to return to the Commonwealth; with one royal correspondent explaining: ‘Some of my best friends are princesses’.

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