Dagenham’s cultural heritage ‘safe in ISIS hands’

How can the world stand by while nobody destroys this shithole?

Scholars say that Dagenham’s cultural heritage and priceless artefacts are probably safe should the so-called Islamic State (ISIS) one day take control of the town.

‘It’s a great relief to know that Dagenham won’t suffer the same fate as priceless cultural sites in Iraq,’said a spokesman for UNESCO. ’It would amount to another cultural atrocity. We’re particularly concerned about the fate of the historic public toilets around the market place site.’

The town was recently found to be the worst place in Britain to retire and came tenth in a list of the worst places to live in England.

‘And that’s before it’s bombed by the Americans or the jihadists,’ said local scholar Bertie Brown.

Mr Brown said he wasn’t confident that Dagenham would be safe in ISIS hands.

‘If it’s ruins they’re after, they’ll have come to the right place,’ he said.

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