Prince George Sells Page Boy Outfit on eBay

prince george

With his parents’ pocket money allowance not quite letting the young Prince live like a prince, George has put his page-boy outfit on Ebay to try to make some extra coin. He hope’s it’ll fetch a cool 20 odd grand so he can fully pimp out his tricycle.

And he’s not the only royal attempting to cash in on the wedding. Beatrice and Eugenie both have their wedding outfits up for sale but have no bidders as yet. The Middleton’s have posted up a whole range of cutlery and dining pieces they swiped from the reception, which are all doing quite well, and Bishop Curry is offering his services as wedding preacher supreme to all those happy couples who want to be bashed on the head about love for 15 odd minutes.

Royal fans also have the chance to bid for Prince William’s ‘nut-crusher’ wedding trousers, and the live-action wax-work model of Prince Phillip who stood in at the ceremony for the real Duke of Edinburgh.

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