Boris tricks prankster into thinking he’s Foreign Secretary


A hoax-caller was tricked into believing that Boris Johnson is real person and not a skit involving Sacha Baron Cohen. The fake Foreign Secretary was able to maintain his ruse by pointing out that if David Davis could be a Minister, then why not he?

For 18 minutes the conman was conned into believing that people would actually vote for Boris and that there was £350m available for the NHS. Despite the clue that Boris knew nothing about Foreign Affairs, the charade continued until Boris was no longer able to keep a straight face.

Said the Armenian prankster sheepishly: ‘Alarm bells should have rung when he said Brexit could work. It’s obvious now – the silly voice, the wig and the rudimentary grasp of numbers – I don’t know how I could’ve been fooled. I feel like a Leave voter’.

This is not the first time that Boris has imitated a minister; he once cavorted naked on Parliament square, hurling excrement and gibbering like a baboon– although, at the time, Chris Grayling said that imitation was the highest form of flattery.

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