Joey from Friends to change name to ‘Joey from Friends’


Joey from friends, has finally decided to give up and change his name by deed poll to Joey From Friends. Although he has accumulated a significant body of work in the 20 years since he starred in the hit US sitcom, he just can’t shake the association with the role.

‘It’s all I ever hear,’ complained the star, ‘even my own mother calls me “Joey from Friends”. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was occasionally abbreviated to just “Joey”, but it’s always “Joey from Friends”,’ said Joey from Friends.

Norma Baker, the registrar charged with performing the name-changing task, said, ‘It was mad. Joey from Friends came in saying that he wanted to change his name to ‘Joey from Friends!’

The 40-year-old singleton who coincidentally has three cats named Phoebe, Monica and Rachael, went on laughing maniacally, ‘It was really funny, because he tried to come in to the office at lunchtime, but we were on a break.’ No one else laughed.

Joey from Friends is currently co-hosting a reboot of the BBC’s Top Gear with Chris Evans and feels relieved that he can move on after finally handed over the ‘annoying simpleton character’ baton.


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