Clickbait man hated by doctors, banks and trainers goes into hiding


Derek Spence, 34, of Marlborough, has gone into hiding, claiming that he has no choice because his bedsit does not have adequate security for someone who is the object of so much envy. His ability to lose four stone in a week and make thousands a day on the stock market have made him a lot of enemies, while he has also aroused the ire of language professors, due to his ability to teach himself a new language every week.

‘I had a nasty phone call from one of them a few days ago,’ said Spence. ‘I could tell by the tone of his voice. Of course I had no idea what he was saying – my mastery of foreign languages only stretches to “Yes, you can put my photo on your clickbait link, that’ll be £10″. I’d love to buy a house but I can’t – estate agents hate me because I’ve taken the property market by storm.’

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