Shock, as tabloid uses centigrade to describe a temperature higher than zero


‘It was a sub-editor’s mistake,’ said a spokesman for the paper.  ‘He forgot that it’s normal for us to use Fahrenheit’s nice big numbers when the weather’s hot ‘n’ sizzly.  And only use the silly metric system when it gets a bit brrr.’

The newspaper’s headline “THE HEAT IS ON – 30C ‘the norm’ for record Brit summer” had readers flummoxed.  Retired husband Barry Veruca said: ‘Well, will it be hot or not?  The big words say that it’ll get hot, but the little words say it’ll be 30, which is bloody freezing.  They even have a big C next to it, which stands for cold.  It doesn’t make sense.’

Complaints have led to a heated discussion between the editor and his staff, with temperatures said to reach boiling point (212F).

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