‘Upskirting’ bill supported by every woman in history not ‘will of the people’


Sir Christopher Chope OBE has caused confusion by shouting ‘objection’ to a private member’s bill that would prohibit ‘upskirting’, which presumably has the unanimous support of every single woman in recorded history.  Sir Christopher was overheard saying: ‘If God had meant us not take photographs of c$$ts, he’d never have given us Tory MPs’.

It was initially reported that Sir Christopher’s actions were motivated by a wish to honour the memory of EastEnders villain ‘Dirty Den’, the death of the actor who played him having been announced on the same day. The bereaved family had threatened to sue for defamation on the grounds that the character ‘would never have stooped so low’.

It later emerged that Sir Christopher, who has supported the privatisation of the BBC, had never heard of the soap opera, but had occasionally mistaken it for Crimewatch.

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