Dimbleby quits Question Time without finding any Answers


Having hosted the BBC’s flagship debate programme for over 25 years, David Dimbleby has finally conceded that he will never get a straight answer to anything. Frustrated, the ex-presenter said he intends to spend his retirement shouting into an empty hole, so at least feel more purposeful.

Mr. Dimbleby has been at the forefront of asking the UK’s big questions; such as – ‘How can Darth Vader breathe and talk at the same time?’, ‘Do penguins have knees?’ or ‘Can we shoot the Panel?’. He has also had the challenge of asking Boris Johnson questions, without resorting to balloon animals or shiny beads.

Too often politicians have avoided the audience’s questions by obfuscating, waving coloured pieces of string or by replying:  ‘Who wants to know?’, in a threatening tone. The default evasion is to blame previous administrations, which is why the Aztec’s get such bad press.

Reoccurring questions include ‘What’s the point of Isabel Oakeshott? ‘Was today really necessary?’ and ‘Brexit –WTF?’ – which is less a question, more of an existential obituary. Finally, Mr. Dimbleby hopes he can now at last find some meaningful answers to life’s eternal questions– or failing that just ‘Google’ it.

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