BBC searching for lost Dimblebys


The BBC has begun a global search for rumoured Dimbleby siblings deemed ‘lost’, in a bid to replace David Dimbleby, who announced his stepping down from the weekly Question Time panel show this week.

It is thought that many Dimblebys may exist in the wild, products of liaisons between legendary war correspondent Richard Dimbleby and grateful French strumpets on his arrival in France during the D Day Landings. Once dismissed as folklore, rumours of unofficial Question Times taking place in barns and rural clearings have once again come under the spotlight, with as many as six Dimblebys and four Farages thought to have been operating at any one time. However, some Dimbleby-spotters claim to have witnessed a shift in the population as the indigenous ‘grey Dimblebys’ have been encroached upon by their younger, darker haired cousins. It is feared that the Question Time presenter’s inevitable retreat into documentaries about canals and waterways will lead its kin to follow suit, leading to opportunism by feral Pestons.

A BBC spokesman told us: ‘The BBC is committed to the maintaining of the Dimbleby/question show ratio come what may, and there’s simply aren’t enough Dimblebys to go around. Sure, we have Jonathan Dimbleby at the helm on Radio 4’s Any Questions, though let’s face it, half of the younger sibling’s role is dealing with members of the audience who think they’re on Gardener’s Question Time.’

The BBC’s Question Time show was devised in 1979 as a bold new forum for political leaders to connect with the public by reading out their manifestos in the presence of a local window glazier and token out-of-their-depth celebrity. Dubbed ‘the silver inquisitor’, David joined the programme as host in 1994 and immediately became a much loved fixture for the inimitable way he pointed at clothes, told people they’ll have the microphone taken away and read out where the next show was to take place.

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