Senegal football team in trouble after tweets about ‘barrow boy’ Sugar


The Senegal football team was in hot water today, after posting a series of tweets about Apprentice host and former Amstrad boss Lord Alan Sugar.

‘Recognise this dude from the 1980s computer scene’, tweeted the team. ‘Seriously unreliable Seagate hard disks, and an ill-advised entry into the gaming market. Mega Drive and Super-NES pissed all over it. Needed to work on his multitasking!’

‘This guy looks just like the fella who owned Tottenham Hotspur in the 1990s’, a further tweet noted. ‘Very resourceful’. Accompanying the tweet was a photoshopped picture of White Hart Lane with a load of second hand goods on it, including all the managers Sugar appointed and fired during his tenure as Chairman at Spurs, plus dozens of players, like Teddy Sheringham, Jurgen Klinsmann and various ‘Carlos Kickaballs’ – a term coined by Sugar for any player from overseas, who he thought came into the premiership on inflated wages.

The tweets have been deleted but the Senegal team were unrepentant: ‘Its meant to be funny…I don’t see what we have to apologise for…you’re all OTT’, they argued. ‘Look, you need to smell what sells, its all part of the ‘process’, try and ‘talk to the trade’, yeh?. Christ, you’d think we’d just killed Bambi or something.’



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