Thousands attend Stonehenge summer solstice as dry run for Brexit


‘I just wanted to get a feel of what it was like before we joined the EU,’ said Kieron, 35. ‘My mum has explained about the power cuts, three day working week and petrol coupons and to be honest I voted leave just on those ideas alone,’ he said, adding, ‘well apart from the power cuts. I quite fancy cutting my working hours down a bit and any help with petrol costs has to be a good thing.’

‘Nathan was enthused that the sun rose exactly where the ancient Britons predicted ‘years, maybe decades ago.’ He’d worried that the House of Lords might have delayed the rising of the sun, but was glad that Theresa May’s last minute intervention kept the Earth turning. ‘Phew, that was a close one,’ he said, clutching his copy of the Daily Mail, proud of being the only twenty something in the country known to read it.

‘We’re not in the clear yet,’ cautioned an expert, noting that the sun still has a way to go before it sets. Another expert mused whether leaving the EU would affect British Summer Time settings. ‘It’ll be a bugger to shift these stones an hour to the left if we do,’ he said, noting that generally that was a job for East European labour.

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