Armchair quizzer not as good at quizzes as he thought


Convinced he should go on the BBC’s quiz show Pointless because he always did well sitting at home, armchair quizzer Daniel Atkins, 39, finally applied and gave it a go to calamitous results.

Never getting past the first round twice and scoring 100 each time, Daniel blamed the pressure: ‘It got to me. All of a sudden, with finally being on set and under the lights, I felt I was trapped inside the television. That’s why I think I claimed Boris as a Conservative party leader: Fear. But the worst thing,’ he forlornly sighed, ‘was I never even got to see how they changed the set for the second round’.

Since the broadcast, which his friends widely circulated for posterity, Daniel’s girlfriend and friends have encouraged him to apply to another BBC quiz show, Only Connect, as he had got a couple correct on that once too. In reply, Daniel said they could try to identify the four-letter connection between these words: ‘No, off and you all’.

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