First Saudi woman ever to drive can’t find car keys


The ceremony at which the first Saudi woman in history was to drive a car has been delayed because she couldn’t find the keys.

After going through her handbag several times and finally tipping its contents onto the desert sand, Fatima Al-Kebab wondered whether she’d left them in the pocket of another outfit, adding that it was “an easy mistake to make when all your outfits look exactly the same”.

It’s thought the mishap will only encourage Saudi conservatives who felt allowing women to drive was a mistake.

“It’s bloody ridiculous,” said Sheikh Yerbouti. “She’s never driven before today, how can she possibly have left the keys somewhere else? And why is she using the mirror to check her makeup?”

However, it later transpired the Sheikh is a BMW driver, so has no idea what the mirrors (or indicators) are for either.

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