‘Am Besten Sein’ – Eva Braun public awareness campaign documents discovered

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Professor Sigmund Hammer, a noted German historian has discovered a rare collection of documents belonging to the Nazi dictator, Adolf Hitler’s wife, Eva Braun.

The documents, found in the effects of a former Nazi sympathiser in the village of Bobenheim am Berg in Germany, reveal previously unknown plans for a public awareness campaign entitled ‘Am Besten Sein’ or ‘Be Your Best’.

“What is amazing,” said Professor Hammer in an exclusive article in Die Zeit, “is that Eva Braun had plans in the late 1930’s to promote well-being for young people and to call for an end to bullying and family separations, as well as methamphetamine abuse by bored German housewives.”

As a former model Eva Braun was noted for her fashion sense and again, in a previously unpublished photograph taken close to a new summer camp close to the town of Bergen-Belsen, she is seen in a jacket sporting the words “Es interessiert mich nicht wirklich, oder?” running in Gothic Script from the end of the sleeve of her left arm, across her back, then down her left leg before finishing below the elbow on her right arm.

There is no indication as to why the campaign didn’t materialize but scribbled margin notes indicate that there were plans to attach it as an appendix to Hitler’s first book ‘Die Kunst des Erfolges’ or ‘The Art of the Deal’, later to manifest itself as ‘Mein Kampf’.

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