Childish Gambino may have copied the existence of America

Childish gambino

The rapping super-star has come under a barrage of criticism for plagiarising the concept of a nation that had been originally produced in 1492, by Christopher Columbus (the guy who directed ‘Home Alone’). By contrast, management for Mr. Gambino have heatedly denied that the country referenced in ‘This Is America’ is a real place.

A spokeswoman explained: ‘Childish came up with the name America three years ago – and any similarity to other songs or South America is merely coincidental. Childish would also like to point out that America is clearly a work of fiction. A metaphor for a country in decline, riddled with self-doubt and zombies– a bit like a Brexit Britain’.

The existence of an ‘actual’ America is contentious, as cartographers say that there needs to be something south of Canada, to stop the Mexicans invading Toronto. Some academics claim the first reference to America was in the Paris Climate Agreement – but nobody can find that now.

This does mean that Mr. Gambino currently holds the copyright for America, which entitles him to 10% of all revenue from brands such as American Express, American Pie and American Colonialism. Meanwhile Native Americans have said they came up with the concept first – but no one cares what they think.

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