Cross Channel foot passengers facing migrant ‘piggy-backing’ misery

so cunning you'd hardly know they were there

Foot passengers returning to the UK from day trips to Calais are being subjected to attempts by illegal migrants to stow away inside their personal belongings.

In unprecedented scenes, people queuing at passenger terminals in Calais were filmed by fellow travellers having to run the gauntlet of migrants climbing into carrier bags and hand luggage in their bid to enter the UK.

Steve Jones, a 35 year old plumber from Guildford said that his family were targeted by migrants as soon as they left the Petit Chef restaurant in the French port.

“While my wife was queuing for the ladies a very large man of African origins tried to smuggle himself into her overnight bag. Then, when I got to the cashpoint I found two Syrian refugees hidden inside my money belt. Worst of all the kids found themselves hauling a family of Iraqis up the ramp who’d taken refuge inside their Cotswold Outdoor rucksacks.”

French officials have reported hundreds of similar incidents with police resorting to using pepper dust to flush migrants out of duty free carrier bags and shopping trolleys.

At Prime Minister’s Question Time David Cameron said that he would co-operate with the French to try and stem the flow of Illegal migrants who are intent on using innocent passengers to ‘piggy-back’ their way into the UK. “We are working with British luggage manufacturers to tighten zips and re-enforce side pockets and hope that our French counterparts will adopt similar measures,” he said.

Some of the migrants, however, have better luck and manage to make it across the Channel; two Syrian refugees were discovered by UK Customs in Dover this morning, clinging to the undercarriage of a mobility scooter.

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