Trump introduces segregation for non-Trump supporters.

Trump at rally

President Donald Trump has signed an Executive order to formally introduce segregation of facilities for non-Trump supporters, including separate restaurants, schools, hotels, bars, hospitals, toilets, parks, and separate sections in libraries, and cinemas, the latter with separate ticket windows and counters.

“Trump Loyalist” Libraries will be Federally funded, and will be entirely stocked with books by the President, books about the President, and sections on Evangelical Christianity, the Rapture, Creationism, Intelligent Design, the Crimes of Hillary Clinton, and Guns. There will be a separate, “privileged access only” section on Watersports, whilst “Trump Safe” restaurants will serve only GM, antibiotic fed, cage reared, meat.

“This is going to be a Great Step Forward” said the President’s Press Secretary, Sarah “Serve Me” Sanders, “for right minded people to meet in first rate facilities, without having to interact with people who can actually think for themselves. They will be funded through taxing those who can, ermm, think for themselves”.

This move is to be swiftly followed by a new slate of laws to be introduced by the Republican controlled House, including the prohibition of non-Trump supporters from being present in certain locations such as, for example, polling booths

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