England football team seemingly relaxed under pressure of rescuing economy

England Squad

As financial figures indicate, the nation was battered in the first half of the first half of the calendar season by the Beast from the East and was having an economic ‘mare. A turn-up for the books could be on the cards in the first half of the second half of the season with out-of-this-world income coined-in by the England football team winning the World Cup.

Blue Chip Skip’ Harry Kane forecasts: ‘Obviously, we know what we have to do. It’s been the lads’ dreams since they was kids to pull on the shirt of national fiscal responsibility ‘n stuff. We’ve been working hard, hammerin’ social media, promoting merch’, our new kits are ahead of the curve on long-term trends and our Panini stickers are trading well on the Foreign Exchanges, all the indicators are pointing to game-on-game GDP growth.’

So far, by reaching the last week of the tournament instead of going home on the next return flight as usual, consumer spending has hit top bins. Harry carried on, ‘The gaffer pinned the ONS stats up in the dressing room highlighting our economic contribution, when we beat Columbia we generated enough income to build a number of regional hospitals to treat the after-effects of the produce consumed during the game that generated the income, which we’re over-the-moon about.’

‘Double, triple obviously, we don’t want to let the hopes and dreams of the nation down by peaking too early like the Bitcoiners. The manager’s keeping us focused on one significant contribution at a time, but yeh, we would be livin’ the dream if we could bring home gold and make a huge dent in the monthly PSBR.’

‘We’ve put in a poor showing recently dropping out of The Euro’s, but with The Brexits next year were determined to prove we’re a nation who can do the business. Our strategy is in order for this week to increase productivity and achieve goals, but if it’s looking like we’re going to be subjected to penalties we bring on the Royal Family, game over.’

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