Jeremy Hunt leaves Mongolian ambassador waiting on trolley in corridor

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There are signs Jeremy Hunt is bringing to bear his unique approach, honed during his years as Minister for Health, in his new position as Foreign Secretary.

His Excellency Mr Bayar Sanjaa, Mongolia’s Ambassador to the Court of St James, was pleased to be invited to meet Britain’s new Foreign Secretary.

“I went to his Department on Whitehall, expecting to be welcomed,” Mr Sanjaa told reporters. “Instead, it was half an hour before I saw anyone at all, and even then, she was just assessing how urgent my need to see him was. I then sat in the waiting room for another three hours, and when they finally came to get me, it was just to move me to another bloody waiting room. And nobody would give me change for the drinks machine.”

“When I thought I was finally going to be seen, I was left lying on a trolley in a corridor for hours in soiled clothes, because apparently ‘a more urgent case’ had just come in. Eventually I was given some aspirin and told to go home. In the meantime, my car had got a ticket as I’d been waiting for so long.”

It’s also thought that, despite a firm promise of no more top-down reorganisations, Mr Hunt has already chaired a meeting to discuss another top-down reorganisation.

“These ‘Occupied Territories’ in the Middle East are a bit confusing – shall we just call the whole thing ‘Israel’ for simplicity? And there are far too many countries in the Balkans, I’ll never remember all their names. Couldn’t we just combine them all into one?”

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