Home Office admin error means England Flag wont be racist again until Wednesday

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Home Secretary Sajid Javid wont be able to make the English Flag fully racist until Wednesday 18th of July’ he admitted in a written question this week. The St. George’s flag, which was scheduled to return to being fully racist after yesterday’s Third Place play-off football match between Belguim and England, has been the victim of a “human error” in which it erroneously  became the focal point for a spirit of optimism, national unity and good sportsmanship.  The Home Secretary apologised for the error and said that normal service should be resumed by the middle of this week. This means that members of the public who believe Tommy Robinson was fairly jailed, can still display the flag until “approximately midday Wednesday the 18th of July” without fear of being presumed to be racist psychos, white supremacists or worse, being blamed for Brexit.



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