JFK seeks to clarify that he is *not* a Berliner


Footage has just come to light of a press conference in which then-President John F Kennedy seeks to clarify certain remarks he made addressing a public meeting in Berlin.

“I thought I made myself pretty clear, but I just looked at a transcript of what I said, and even watched some footage of my speech, and I realise I may have misspoken and maybe some clarification might be a good idea.

“It turns out I said I was a Berliner, whereas in fact, and I would have thought this would be pretty obvious, I’m actually from Boston. To be fair, I was speaking German so you can’t blame me for getting a bit mixed up.”

It’s thought the revelation won’t dent JFK’s reputation – rather it will make Americans weep for the days when their president could speak a second language. Or a first one.

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