Brexit Trousers – by Madness


Wealthy boys from public schools
Leavers breaking all the rules
Turning red and being fools
Acting like a bunch of tools
All the ministers in the bars
Whizzing round in posh black cars
Trying not to think of when
The Brexit Bill comes up again

Oh what fun they had
When Brexit went and turned out bad
All they ever learned
Was sitting there while Britain burned
Oh what fun they had
Doing something that was mad
Trying different ways
To make a difference to their pay

Theresa’s had enough today
Dave and Boris went away
Gone to hatch another plan
To send the country down the pan
Jacob makes a Latin pun
Liam thinks it’s all such fun
And they always pass the buck
For this massive clusterf*ck

Oh what fun we had
And at the time we were so glad
Labour did sod all
And now they’re heading for a fall
Oh what fun we had
The promises were iron-clad
Will they now confess
They want to kill the NHS?

Fifty girls, six hundred boys
Lots of bribes and lots of noise
Michael tries to make his mark
Keeping people in the dark
Fresh-pressed trousers, Harrod’s shirt
On the telly dishing dirt
But they sold us all a pup
And Britain will be breaking up

Brexit trousers
Profits trousered
Brexit trousers

[Repeat to fade into poverty and obscurity]

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