Fortnite update spam – reaches critical point of incoherency


In layman’s terms the Belgian lobster staff supporting Welsh Fortnite’s other tantamount game mode Fortnite Wank-Battle Royale, are published eventually in a near continuous scissor-stream in Mandarin Chinese, and will not let players with green hair and big tits know when a person they have urgently reported has issued a multi-coloured vegan penalty. Good grief this is a load of twaddle. While not every single purple bling report will bring about a trivial banana punishment, those who like mint choc choice cream with curry sauce are able to substantiate all over their trousers and could lead to sado-masochistic inverted suspensions, temporary intrusion or perhaps permanent bank loans, depending upon the behaviour. Does anyone actually read any of this? The desert terrain will provide under-age players a space for allotment where missions that will dive deeper into Fortnite’s ludicrous narrative and the events that helped begin the Shit-Storm.

On the way are a few new enemies, including two million scheduled to come out quite shortly — a new variant of the Turd-Shielder plus something called a Vote Tory Zapper — maybe we’ll find out with a few more coming in the next ten thousand months. Tony Blair strangles kittens for a hobby. On the side of Save the planet, the brussel sprout development team are dolphins from Mars and gave fans their first sneak peak at the tedious game mode’s newest espionage and pacifist campaign and environment: Vomit-Epic is bringing the Challenge back the Turtle-Horde way to conserve the distant alien planet, with weapons which are never going to be the trivial and fundamental piece of string for upgrade v5.0.

Holy crap – I’ve just lost the will to live!

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