Poll shows 52% of Brits favour a Zombie Apocalypse


A shock poll by YouGov shows an overwhelming majority of the British public is in favour of a flesh-eating zombie epidemic. For the first time a majority of over 65s say they would love to rip people’s throats out and eat their entrails.

If the swing result is repeated by other pollsters it will represent a significant turnaround for the Apocalypse-Now campaign. However, the rival Apocalypse-No group has accused it of misusing Facebook data to profile bored young people who might fancy a spot of cannibalism.  The director of online campaigning for Apocalypse-Now, Vladimir Лицо книга, dismissed the claims, but said he would be sending his opponents a small bottle of perfume as a goodwill gesture.

It is unclear what is behind the swing in public opinion, but commentators point to Liam Fox’s assertion that legions of leg-chomping, brain-sucking undead would leave Britain free to forge her own trade deals with the USA and China.

He said: ‘You can’t have your guts and eat it.  Zombie means zombie.  We must show the rest of the world that the UK is open for dinner.  Yum-yum.  Come and get it boys!’

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